Right then folks...what about trying this great way of transforming how your guitar looks by adding a fantastic image skin to the body.

Each skin is supplied as a rectangular print that allows you to position it as you want and then it can be trimmed to fit your guitar. All prints are laminated with a matt finished clear face to reduce glare and also to add protection to the image and guitar. Each print size is large enough to fit the face or back of your guitar or you can purchase prints for both sides and receive a free head-stock print too.

Applying a skin to the back of a guitar is quite a straightforward process, as the surface is flat without any obstructions. If you decide to skin the face of your guitar or head-stock will be more challenging but equally rewarding, you will need to remove the strings and any other areas that can be taken off to make the application much easier. If you would prefer to have the skin fitted then we can do this providing you are willing to send it to us via courier with the strings removed... £15.00 per fitted skin.

There will be some short tutorial videos available shortly to give you an insight on how to carry out the application and any questions can be emailed to us at: info@mulberrysap.co.uk

As you can see we have some standard images that you can choose from and we will be adding more all the time, but if you have a particular picture that you would like to see on your guitar we would be happy to work with you.

Single print - £28.00 (includes delivery) UK only

Two prints for front/back - £50.00  (includes free delivery) UK only

Guitar Skins